Romanian holiday turned into a job opportunity

Romanian holiday turned into a job opportunity

Do you have a tree named after you at your office? I do.

All started with me wanting to visit Bucharest. I had some free time, internet and ability to use Google. Usually, I just buy tickets and fly but this time I applied for the internship.

I choose Kreston Romania for several reasons: First of all I liked the colors the company used, they were part of the huge international  accounting network and the most importantly, I wanted to challenge myself being surrounded by accountants and finance people – test the stereotypes that we marketers and them do not get well.

I remember the moment when AIESEC in Romania representative Bianca Gherman with cheerful voice named interviewed me and arranged my next video interview with the company representatives. Kreston was searching for a marketing manager.  I was accepted. I went to Bucharest.

Another intern named Alex was chosen from Greece.  The first time when I met him was not so fine – he was younger than me and way too much serious, ready and determined to do things in the best way.  Soon I found out that he was a great, smart and kind guy with a wonderful sense of humor.

Kreston journey started with the fancy open space office decorated in the brand’s colors. Then we met partners – Carmen and Eduard. I remember that during that meeting I decided and it soon would be clear for everyone that I would be the noisy one and Alex would be the total opposite – calm and peaceful man who does his job in a smooth way.

Around thirty new people, all professionals, and us doing something but nothing like what they were doing. We knew that we had about two months- enough to arrange things and get people to know.

I do not know when but soon I found out that everyone was genuinely friendly and I got the feeling that it had always been like that, we were part of the community named Kreston.I think that Alex and I got lucky – although the timing was really busy for the company, we attended Color Run (for me it was walking but still) and one of the most memorable weekend of team building in the countryside with shared games, dances, talks, and laugh.

I should mention that preparation for the team building was one of the impressive for me – it gave me the chance to talk to everyone separately, discover impressive things about them and find some great connections. People with different background, interests, and motivation.  I knew the story about Kreston and how the company was established from scratch.

Time flies and if you feel good it flies even faster. My two months journey is over and I am back in my country. When I think about everything and everyone in Bucharest, I cannot do it without a smile and remember the moment when I saw a craft on Carmen’s wall saying: LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL RIDE!

Yes, it is. But you need the right people, place, and clear mindset for realizing that.

I want to thank every single person who made my stay in Bucharest a wonderful journey. You are the reason I cannot wait to go back to Bucharest and continue my Kreston journey.

I need to see my tree 🙂

Ana Elizbarashvili – Marketing Specialist Kreston Romania 

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