Fiscal management

Analyze and management

  • Evaluate the client activity
  • Acknowledge internal procedures, both accounting and IT
  • Analyze the sensitive fiscal aspects and previous fiscal decisions having impact on current activity
  • Approach issues like planning the data collecting processes, information processing, split the responsibilities between our team and the client one, thus resulting a clear and transparent management process

VAT compliance services

  • Executing, issuing, archiving and reviewing invoices
  • Preparing, signing, reviewing and submitting fiscal statements and periodical reports
  • Preparing and filling the VAT ledgers
  • Support during fiscal inspections regarding VAT; assistance in case of litigation
  • Payment instructions or management

Corporate income tax compliance

  • Review of invoices and other fiscal documents used for calculating corporate income tax
  • Review of transaction from the Romanian laws point of view and opposite to international conventions for avoiding double taxation
  • Preparing and completing the VAT registers
  • Elaborating documentation regarding corporate income tax / capital gain – preparing and submitting statements for tax on profit, submitting the fiscal residence certificates for non-resident clients, interface with brokers and custodians
  • Submitting refund requests for capital gain paid extra
  • Providing instructions regarding the tax payment procedure, communicating with banks where the clients has opened accounts, as well as with Romanian fiscal authorities
  • Ensuring client representation in front of Romanian authorities and related correspondence

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