Either if you have a few employees or hundreds of them, you have admittance to a complete package of services, customized and confidential, enabling you to save costs and time. You have the liberty to choose the level of support in payroll process which is the most suitable for you. We use the most up-dated software, providing speediness, precision and efficiency.


Our specialists provide you with the following services:

  •   Drawing the individual labour contracts, addendum, decisions and other related documents
  •   Management of personnel files
  •   Fulfilling electronic personnel ledger (REVISAL)
  •   Collecting and reviewing all necessary information in order to elaborate the payroll
  •   Calculating the indemnity for sick-leave
  •   Calculating indemnities (all kind of)
  •   Calculating salaries and drawing the payroll
  •   Maintaining the relationship with relevant authorities (Labour chamber, Social insurance body, Health insurance authority and so on)
  •   Fulfilling the payment forms related to salaries; up-loading the payment forms into e-banking platforms
  •   Drawing the specific fiscal statements and submitting to the authorities
  •   Assistance in case of control
  •   Consultancy in case of litigation

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