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Audit missions on agreed upon procedures basis

During such a mission, we can decide together the nature, duration and extent of procedures to be applied, allowing you to indicate us the identity of document and records to be analyzed, entities to make contact with, parties to ask confirmation for.

Within such a mission we can establish together the nature, the duration and extend of procedures to be followed, indicating us the identity of documents and records to be analyzed, the persons to be contacted or parties to ask confirmations from, is the case.

Even if the report will not contain any insurance from the auditor, the users are able to evaluate for themselves the procedures and observations and draw out their own opinions.

The report is designed only for those who agreed upon for avoiding the misinterpretation of the conclusions.

In such a mission, the analytical procedures used are:

  •   Interviews and analysis
  •   Recalculation, analogies and other accurate verifications
  •   Observation
  •   Inspection
  •   Obtaining the confirmations
  •   Presentation of conclusions

Audit of financial statements requested by international financial institutions

We recently became partners of international financial institutions; they have accepted us as auditors for funds invested in Romania in projects and programs developed in our country.


Fiscal audit

The goal of a fiscal audit is that to protect the company-client from the fiscal risks by analyzing its activity, the way of understanding and application of fiscal legislation and fiscal statements of the company.
In this respect, we provide the following services:

  •   Examination of the activity from the fiscal point of view, identifying the risky practice and making recommendation to eliminate to future fiscal risks
  •   Estimation of amounts not paid to fiscal authorities, that might be revealed during a fiscal control

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