Internal audit

This type of audit consists in an objective examination of the whole activities of an entity in order to provide an independent evaluation of the risk management, controlling and management processes of the entity.


During the internal audit mission, we propose to carry out the following procedures:

  •   Examination of compliance of the company’s activities with its policies, programmes and management strategies, as well as with legal provisions
  •   Evaluation of degree of suitability and applying of financial and non-financial controlling, dictated and carried out by the management in order to increase the efficiency
  •   Evaluation of degree of compliance for financial and non-financial data/information, designed for management, in order to acknowledge the realities of the company
  •   Protection of patrimonial elements and detection of methods for preventing frauds, errors and damages of any kind


We provide our clients with following categories of internal auditing:

  •   Compliance audit – to insure respecting norms, regulations and applicable law
  •   Operational audit – to insure the efficiency and efficacy of the company’s operations
  •   IT system audit – to insure the appropriate functioning of the IT system for the entire duration of company
  •   Performance audit – to insure the efficient usage of resources in order to achieve the objectives of the company
  •   Special missions – are related to fraud and corruption investigations, or any other kind of special mission, having the approval of the management


Analytical procedures:

  •   Investigations and analysis
  •   Recalculations, comparisons and other accurate tests
  •   Observation
  •   Inspection
  •   Confirmations
  •   The conclusions

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