Fiscal Inspections

Our team offers assistance during fiscal inspections, whether announced or unexpected, made by the Romanian fiscal authorities, aiming to minimize the negative impact of some possible decisions. That kind of services offering is based on our vast experience in approaching that category of matters as well as our long collaboration with Romanian fiscal authorities.

We offer guidelines during the whole fiscal control, facilitating the process and staying in direct communication with the authorities, on your behalf, to insure a proper manner for the evolution of fiscal inspection, as well as the limitation of possible fines and penalties, if the case.


Our support-services during fiscal inspections consist in:

  • Analysis of legal provisions, investigation of de facto status and preparing the basic arguments for preparing a possible contestation
  • Elaborating a complete independent valuation of fiscal issues in debate
  • Preparing and stating arguments to sustain the position of the client
  • Managing the process of fiscal control, allowing the client to focus on the normal activity of the company
  • Representing the clients in front of Romanian fiscal authorities during final discussions with fiscal inspectors, in order to sustain and motivate the position adopted by the client in a clear and persuasive manner
  • Estimation of strong and weakness aspects of the client approach regarding fiscal matters in discussion, in order to valuate chances of success during a possible law action against the authorities
  • Assistance during possible fiscal litigation, in case the client decides to follow this path

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