Kreston Romania offers audit services, consultancy and related services, at high quality standards maintained by the international network KRESTON. Our tactic is a consequence of the comprehensive understanding of your business, of the efficiency of accounting and controlling systems. Our services are provided by mature professionals, with high level of experience, members of the Romanian professional bodies (CAFR) as well as international (ACCA).

We share the same goal with you – to make Audit to be as useful as possible for the client. As long as we increase the significance of financial statements by adding reliability, our approach regarding the audit offers a thorough understanding of your business. This method together with our 22 years of experience and also the quality of our resources allow us to find the appropriate means for solving any concern of yours.

Financial audit

An independent and object assessment of financial statements, diminishing the investors’ risks and capital costs.

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We enhance the credibility of financial statements, using evaluation, analysis of previous and current indicators, for the client company.

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Related services

Audit missions based on agreed procedures, IFRS reporting, audit of structural funds, international financial reports, fiscal audit.

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Internal audit

Risk management, controlling and management through out the complying and operational audit of the information and performance system.

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International reporting

We offer a wide range of reporting services, aiming to support the development and enhancement of your business, both locally and internationally.

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Due dilligence

We investigate the information from various perspectives, we identify the business risks in order to support the investors.

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