The coronavirus outbreak could cause various issues for employers. Companies are confronted with this challenge now. The world has to deal with a global pandemic, which, besides medical problems, also raises questions about how to live and work together. Majority of the companies work from home.

But how exactly do you meet the technical demands to ensure that daily business, the necessary communication and versatile access to the required data are possible remotely? Business operations must not be restricted or even interrupted. All departments need to be able to work from home. This blog post sets out some of the steps we took in order to continue balancing the best interests of both our team and clients.

Step 1: Define and prioritize the critical departments

It may sound harsh but companies have to prioritize the most important departments/people of the company in order to maintain core business activities.

Step 2: Crucial equipment- Hardware & software

Be sure that employees already have devices and the necessary accessories. Think about what software your colleagues will need in normal operation and the minimum applications that must be available to enable them to work from home.

Step 3: The remote access

Think about your IT infrastructure. If almost all employees need remote access, you have several following solutions in use:
• Direct Access
• Remote Access (Terminal Services)
• VPN Connection
You can quickly determine if a client or server is causing unusually high traffic and react accordingly.

Step 4: Licensing and other notable aspects

Almost as important as a good and stable connection is your licensing. Think about upgrading the licenses to cover the increased number of accesses.

Step 5: Practice session

If possible, a test should be run before the emergency occurs in order to identify weak points and to be able to correct them in time. In this way you can determine whether the basis for a company-wide remote operation is assured. This means not only internal IT test runs, but also user test runs. Let your colleagues try out whether they can work from home. In addition, you have the opportunity to adjust the dimensioning of your IT infrastructure in time and can be prepared for such a scenario.

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