Free days for parents

Parents who are required to supervise children during the closing of the educational units – it is granted to one of the parents, at the level of 75% of the basic salary. It is refunded from the Guarantee Fund for salary claims up to 75% of the average gross salary (RON 5,429 * 75%).

Status: entered into force by Law 19/2020, application rules pending.


Technical unemployment

According to art. 52, paragraph (1), lit. c) from the Labor Code, during the period of technical unemployment, the employees are entitled to an allowance of 75% of the basic salary.

For employers in the sectors directly affected by the measures stipulated by the Decree establishing the state of emergency, the allowances thus paid will be refunded by the unemployment insurance budget, within the limit of 75% of the average gross salary per economy.

For employers in other sectors of activity, whose activity has decreased by at least 25%, the allowances will be refunded within the limit provided above, for a maximum of 75% of employees. The measure is valid for the period in which the State of Emergency is established.

Employers will be required to maintain working relationships with employees for whom they benefit from these measures for a period of at least 6 months after resuming their activity.

Requests for reimbursement will be addressed to the Employment Agency by electronic mail and will be accompanied by the list of persons benefiting from the technical unemployment benefits and, in the case of employers directly affected by the state of emergency, by the certificate of emergency situation issued by the Ministry Economy, Energy and Business Environment.

The term for reimbursement of allowances is 30 days.

The procedure for issuing the certificate is being elaborated.


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