Contingencies can happen at any time. Although hardships do not frighten us, however, in order for our business not to fail and to hinder our development, we must use technologies that are fortunately available to us today. Bridging the distance in the digital age is no longer a problem today. At the same time you may be having a business meeting with one person from totally different continent, while  staying somewhere else with your internet on.  Here are some of the platforms and tools for remote working:

Many companies use Google Drive daily to share documents. Especially when dealing with large volumes of objects when data cannot be shared by email. Here you can edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides. With permissions settings, you can specify exactly which documents will be accessed and at what level.

Dropbox is also a document sharing platform. Here you will be able to comment on documents uploaded by users, attach files to specific employees, etc. Another handy feature of Dropbox is that the recipient does not need to have a Dropbox account to download the document, just by submitting a link you can submit the file.

On the Miro-platform you can create different workgroups for employees and they can write different projects that will work remotely and synchronously. Add projects to visual elements, to-do lists, etc. Miro is easily adapted to current projects and integrates with platforms such as Dropbox, Slack, Google Suite, JIRA and others.

 For virtual meetings:

Zoom is a popular HD video conferencing platform that can also be used for webinars and group meetings. In addition to video calling, you can share screens and interactive boards. With a premium package, you can even include up to 100 participants.

Slack is a communication tool that allows you to create thematic chats (channels), send messages and documents. Also make voice or video calls with everyone involved. You can even create bots that will find documents uploaded to the platform.

For electronic signatures:

DocuSign lets you and your business partners sign contracts electronically. Those important business transactions are not delayed.

Like DocuSign, SignEasy is a cloud-based system that can also create and fill documents.

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is another solution for corporate signings. It is an open system and offers many types of integration.

It’s possible that this current situation will also lead to changes around how your team and your organization arranges work from now on. Helping to manage this changing situation sensitively and kindly is the key.