The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) presents a significant challenge for the entire world. We are tackling the problem with a high level of preparedness.  Here we remain fully operational taking care of our employees and clients.
Our office will remain open. We have implemented preventative measures like remote working capabilities for part of our team so that our employees have the ability to work remotely and securely from home. Part of our employees will continue working from office.
For remote workers, our cyber security conditions are totally adjusted.

Actions Announced by the Government to effectively address and limit the spread of the virus are taken by Timpuri Noi offices. We are equipped with sanitizers and keeping all safety rules. Apart from that, we are minimizing the societal impact that could arise from the disease outbreak.

In order to minimize the risk, starting from Monday we prefer electronic, scanned versions of documents over the hard copy.

The parliament passed the law that obliges employers to grant paid days off to one of the parents during the period that schools are closed due to extreme situations.

The law must be promulgated by the President before enters into force.

Among the main provisions we mention the following:

  • During the period when the educational units are closed due to extreme situations (atmospheric conditions, epidemics) the employers are obliged to grant, on request, to one of the parents, free days paid as follows: 75% of the gross salary, but no more than 75% of the average gross wage in the economy;
  • The age of the child must be no more than 12 years;
  • The revenues thus paid will be borne by the Guarantee Fund for salary claims. The settlement method will be determined by the rules of application.

Government working groups

The Government has set up a Working Group with the task of developing solutions to reduce the negative impact on the economy generated by the covid 19. The Working Group comprises: Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the involvement of the following institutions: National Bank of Romania, Financial Supervisory Authority, National Strategy and Forecast Commission, Institute National Statistics, the Institute of World Economy and the Competition Council and the participation of the business environment represented by the National Association of Exporters and Importers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Coalition for the Development of Romania and the Romanian Association of Banks .

Among the measures outlined so far are the measures to support carriers, travel agencies and companies in the horeca, consisting of deferrals to pay social contributions.

We will keep you updated in case there will be a news from official states.

In case of the questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us:

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