Is the quarantine or isolation period at home paid?


The labor market is being affected by the COVID19.  Below you have information how to proceed this period.

So far working remotely is the most common option for most of the companies everywhere including Romania.

For those who have come in contact with contaminated persons, though are not virus carriers, they must stay in isolation for 14 days (quarantine).  The reason for this is that in some cases person might have the good immune system and the virus does not manifest but that person can be the source of the virus transfer.

What is quarantine medical leave?

The medical leave for quarantine is regulated by GEO 158/2005 and represents a medical leave that can be granted to employees for the purpose of preventing illness and recovering work capacity.

Who releases this quarantine leave?

The quarantine leave is granted only on the basis of the certificates issued by the specialized medical departments of public health.

The medical leave for quarantine is issued by the medical doctor or family doctor on the grounds that they are contagious and would endanger the health of others too. Certificates cannot be issued for non-contagious persons to prove their good health.

The maximum number of days of quarantine leave is not limited. It can exceed 90 days, there is no need for the second opinion of an expert doctor.

Compared to the other medical holidays, the medical leave for quarantine can be issued at a later date, but only for the current month or for the previous month.

How is the quarantine leave paid?

During the period of the quarantine medical leave, the employees will receive a leave allowance that represents 75% of the average of the gross income realized during the last 6 months of the last 12 calendar months.

The average of the gross income realized in the last 6 months of the last 12 calendar months is the sum of the gross salary realized in the last 6 months divided by the sum of the number of working days of the last 6 months.

It should be noted that the gross monthly income is capped at 12 minimum wages per economy, at this time 26.760 lei.

The amount for the quarantine medical leave allowance is fully supported by the Unique National Fund for Social Health Insurance.

If the employee does not have a contribution period, the medical leave for the quarantine is not paid.

The period of medical leave for quarantine constitutes seniority in work and does not subtract from the number of days of annual medical leave that an employee can receive for other illnesses.

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