A recognizable personality gets the brand story rolling. Recognition and awareness are enough to give an identity. But to project an engaging, attractive brand personality, a company must become not only a familiar face but the face of a friend. Only then can a brand be on its way to create an emotional shortcut in the brain. Trust enables consumers to relax and more intuitively select an offer. The purpose of a rebrand is to improve your image in one or more ways. We chose Kreston for a reason: we saw the impact beyond changing the name. Adding Romania to Kreston gives us more visibility, therefore engagement. So, yes, the names matter.


After a successful exit strategy, the plan was to be among the top companies in Romania.  2008 was the year we joined Kreston International and this can be called the start of the transformation. We had the ambition to become international, to give and get immediate support in other countries, to comply with high-quality professional standards, to be open to new technologies and opportunities and able to provide smarter, more efficient solutions. We had experience working with international clients and wanted to expand our activities and make it happen with the help of the global name, reputation, and awareness that the Kreston brand already had.  In order to emphasize our identity and link it to global, we dropped the previous name. Our vision became the purpose and there was no room for mistakes.

So, the changes started with separate, smooth steps.

Challenges include changes. Literally.

We changed everything tangible and intangible. Starting over can lead to further challenges and problems down the road. When we chose to rebrand, it was more than just an organization’s name, logo, and slogan. Our rebranding was about creating a new voice and personality for the company. This distinctive voice would be seen by customers on social media posts, marketing materials, email newsletters and more. We understood the scale and the scope of the task, we knew that changing perceptions take time and effort. A rebranding is really just a process of refocusing your business, and your people. You, as an employer, make a promise for a better working environment and you have to keep it and give not just better but the best. We needed to involve our employees early in the process to ensure that everyone was on board.

We did not stop doing what we had been doing, we just started doing it differently. This time with Kreston knowing that TOGETHER WE VALUE MORE.