The Ordinance amends both the minimum gross salary of RON 3,000 (without including bonuses, allowances and other additions) in the field of construction and the extension of the fields applying the provisions of the ordinance:

• cement manufacture (CAEN code 2351);
• manufacture of lime and plaster (CAEN code 2352);
• Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.c.a. (CAEN code 2399).

At the moment, reduced salary taxes for the construction industry apply to the following activities:

• construction activity defined by CAEN code 41.42.43 – section F – Constructions;
• the fields of production of building materials, defined by the following NACE codes:
2312 – Flat glass processing and shaping;
2331 – Manufacture of ceramic tiles and slabs;
2332 – Manufacture of bricks, roof tiles and other construction products of burnt clay;
2361 – Manufacture of concrete products for construction;
2362 – Manufacture of plaster products for construction;
2363 – Manufacture of concrete;
2364 – Manufacture of mortar;
2369 – Manufacture of other articles of concrete, cement and plaster;
2370 – Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone;
2223 – Manufacture of articles of plastics for construction purposes;
1623 – Manufacture of other carpentry and joinery for construction;
2512 – Manufacture of metal doors and windows;
2511 – Manufacture of metal structures and parts of metal structures;
0811 – Extraction of ornamental and building stone, extraction of limestone, gypsum, chalk and slate;
0812 – Extraction of gravel and sand;
711 – Architectural, engineering and technical consultancy services.

We emphasize, according to the Ordinance, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2028, employees from companies in the specified areas may benefit from income tax exemption of 10% from the payment of the health fund contribution (CASS) of 10% and to lower Pension Contribution (CAS) from 25% to 21.25%.

At the same time, the employer will pay an insurance contribution for reduced work, this being at the level of 0.337% of the gross salary.

The gross minimum wage for the application of the facilities is RON 3,000 for a full 8-hours working day, so the condition is considered to be fulfilled also if an employee has a part-time contract, the minimum wage being established proportionally. For example, for a 4-hours working day, the condition is considered to be met if the gross monthly salary is at least RON 1,500.