The document provides the introduction of fiscal measures with a special impact on banking, pension, energy, construction and gambling, as follows:

  • Individuals with an individual employment contract working in the field of construction will benefit of exemption/reduction from/of the payment of income tax and social contributions until 31.12.2028 under certain conditions applicable to the employer. The minimum gross wage in the field will be RON 3000
  • A person cannot perform day-to-day activities for more than 120 days per year, except for activities in the agricultural field, where the limit is 180 days per year. The Beneficiary cannot use a person as a day-to-day worker for more than 25 calendar days in a raw
  • The reverse charge mechanism for supplies of goods / services for which it was previously applicable until 31.12.2018 is extended until 30.06.2022
  • Radio license fees are modified
  • Some categories of gambling organizers owe a 2% tax applied to the total collected participation fees
  • Electricity prices for household and non-household customers with less than 50 employees and a turnover or the total value of assets below EUR 10 million will be regulated by ANRE until 28 February 2022
  • The gas price for household consumption is regulated at 68 lei / MWh, until 28.02.2022
  • The contribution of license holders in the field of electricity, heat in cogeneration and natural gas will be 2% of the turnover
  • The minimum capital required for the administrators of private pension funds will be increased and will be calculated as the percentage share of the contributions as follows: from 5% if the value of the contributions is below EUR 100 million and up to 10% if the value of the contributions exceeds 500 million euro. The capital increase deadline is 50% until 30 June 2019 and 50% until 31 December 2019
  • The management fee for private pension funds is reduced from 2.5% to a maximum of 1% of contributions paid
  • A fee is levied on banking institutions’ assets, when quarterly ROBOR exceeds the 2% threshold. The tax is in the range of 0.1% to 0.5% of the financial assets, depending to which extend the threshold is exceeded
  • The Decree clarifies the income from dividends paid after 01.01.2018 but distributed before that date, in terms of the health contribution, thus avoiding the double payment of contribution
  • The value tickets regime remains unchanged: they remain subject to income tax and not included in the basis for computing social security contributions, they should be granted according to the law
  • The procedure for rescheduling the tax liabilities is amended.

Regarding gas regulations, they are already in the analysis of the European Commission that will assess compliance with European regulations.