Meal tickets, intended to provide employees with daily meals, have become an extra salary benefit present in most units, and is one of the most common questions during the interview.

How are granting meal tickets?

Employers can provide employees with meal tickets for each day worked. Do not receive meal tickets for holidays, sick leave, special events, unpaid leave, absences, delegations, detachments, and other situations where the employee is not actually at work.

The meal tickets are granted in the last decade of the month for the following month, and is granted a ticket for each working day.

The maximum number of meal tickets an employee can receive in one month is equal to the number of working days in the month, if the employee was present throughout the month at work.

If the employee received more meal tickets than he or she was entitled to, he or she either returns them to the employer or, keeps them and the employer will lower them from the number of meal tickets due next month.

The nominal maximum value of a meal ticket was established in May 2018 through OMMJS No 1.618 / 2018, at 15.18 lei, but employers are free to decide the value of the meal ticket, keeping the maximum limit of 15.18 lei / ticket.

Meal tickets can be provided on paper or on electronic support, but more and more beneficiaries opt for electronic support.

If working in 10 to 12-hour shifts, the number of meal tickets to be awarded are calculated as following: total number of hours worked in the month divided to 8 hours. If a fraction of the day appears, it is considered a meal ticket even for this, with the condition that the number of meal tickets does not exceed the number of working days in the month.

Upon termination of the contract, the employee who received more meal tickets than he was entitled to, has the obligation to return undue meal tickets to the employer.

If you have multiple employment contracts can you get meal tickets from all employers?

Meal tickets are granted only from the employer where you have the basic function. If you have 2 or more employment contracts, at one of them where decides the basic function, you can get meal tickets.

Can I get meal tickets if i have part time job?

Yes, you can receive meal tickets even if you have part-time employment contract, the condition is to have the basic job at that employer.

Why to use meal tickets? Is there an advantage for the employer or for the employee?

Providing meal tickets to employees is a benefit for both employees and the employer, because these are deductible in the calculation of corporation tax, and from the payment of contributions, these only enter into the calculation of wage tax.

Amounts from meal tickets are taken into account when determining the child’s allowance.