VAT registration file (Form 088)



Download here: D088

In order to submit the application for VAT registration the following information/documents must be provided:


  1. Trade registrar certificate disclosing the activities performed at the headquarter/secondary place of business/elsewhere, upon the case
  2. Visa documents (staying permits) for non EU citizens
  3. Contract with accounting services provider
  4. Contract with labor agent


  1. The place that the activity is performed
  2. Information provided in the contract to use the headquarter (lease agreement or other, upon the case).
  3. A brief description of the company’s business and the main suppliers/clients
  4. A description of investments project, if any: duration, value, building permit if applicable.
  5. If the shareholders/administrator had or have similar quality in other entities that have been declared insolvent or suspended (in the last 5 years). If so, provide the name, fiscal number, legal form, status, reason.
  6. NON Eu persons to provide detail about the VISA to stay in Romania
  7. Provide a list of bank accounts of the company in Romania or abroad – name of bank, swift, country, currency, name, position and personal ID details of person with power to operate the account, the real beneficiary.
  8. How is the accounting organized (contract with external provider/inhouse).
  9. ID details of the person that submits the fiscal statements.
  10. of labor agreements. In case of no employees explain the way that the company performs his activity without any employees.
  11. Which is the gross personal income made by the shareholders/administrators during the last 12 months (how much from salary, how much from investments – dividends, stock market…..)
  12. Disclose the scientific education and what was the occupation during the last 12 months (for admin and shareholders).
  13. What kind of fixed assets concur for the activity of the company.
  14. Disclose if there an intention to perform EU transactions or import/export in the following 12 months
  15. Disclose if the admin and shareholders have credited entities that they had/have similar position (last 5 years). If yes, who, how much today, how much at the date of the last balance sheet.