Order 3679/2015 regarding the VAT statement 394


Order no 3769/2015 for declaring deliveries / supplies and acquisitions made by VAT registered persons on the national territory (D394), was published into Official Gazette no 11/07.01.2016.

The main provisions of the Order are:

In Return 394 are also recorded besides regular invoices, advance invoices, “reverse charge” invoices or “VAT on receipt” invoices, and self-invoices and simplified invoice or fiscal receipts that qualify as simplified invoices whether they have / not written the VAT registration code of the beneficiary.

Tally-sheets of goods and sheets from commercialization books of products in the agricultural sector for purchases from individuals are also recorded in the Return.

For January and February 2016 Return D394 is submitted on the2015  format, and subsequently, until 25 April 2016 inclusive, it  will submit the Return for March 2016 under the new Order, as well as for January and February 2016, that will replace the two previously submitted returns.

Transactions included in D394 will be broken down by VAT rates, by goods acquired/ delivered, by types of customers.

It will be declared: range of invoices used during the reporting period, the total number of invoices issued during the reporting period, the canceled invoices, or self-invoices broken down by VAT rates .

It will be declared acquisitions and deliveries to persons not registered for VAT purposes, broken down by residence country of the beneficiary.

Taxable persons who submit Return 394 requesting VAT reimbursement during the reporting period should describe the operations from which the negative balance of the amount recorded in the VAT Return results.

Data recorded in the Return related to the transactions carried out by each taxpayer (customer / supplier) registered for VAT purposes may be consulted using a computer application provided by ANAF with the agreement of the taxable person submitting the Return.

The Order comes into force on 1 April 2016 and is applied starting with the operations in the first quarter of 2016 on the national territory.