The Stamp is no longer mandatory


Ordinance no 17/2015 on regulation of some fiscal-budgetary measures and amendments to certain legislation, was published into Official Gazette no 540/20.07.2015

Individuals, private legal entities and entities without legal status are no longer required to stamp the declarations, applications or other documents submitted to institutions or public authorities, as well as documents or other written records issued betweeen them.

Deadlines provided by GEO 91/2014, to equip economic operators with electronic cash register, are extended as follows:

– Large taxpayers, starting 1 October 2016;
– Medium taxpayers, starting 1 January 2017;
– Small taxpayers, starting 1 May 2017.

Stamp duties are no longer required where taxpayers requires ANAF issuance of certificates, attestations or other documents.

The concept of “outstanding tax liabilities”, it is defined as follows:

– tax liabilities for which the maturity or payment period has been fulfilled;
– differences on main tax liabilities and accessories set by tax decision, even if the deadline has not been reached.

It is not considered that a taxpayer has outstanding tax liabilities if the tax liability registered in the tax certificate issued by the tax authorities is lower or equal to the amount eligible to reclaim.

A new type of guarantee is introduced, guarantee insurance policy which can be used to suspend tax enforcement.

Clarifications in the way the tax liabilities are offset with negative amounts of VAT requested to reimbursement by a VAT return filled after the insolvency procedure have been started.

The Ordinance has entered into force on 23 July 2015.