Updates to Labor Code


Law no 12/2015 for amending Law no 53/2003 – Labour Code, was published into Official Gazette no 52/22.01.2015

The main amendments to the Labour Code are:

Unfounded absences and holidays leave without pay shall be deducted from the length of service.

Salary received by temporary employee for each job can not be lower than the salary received by the permanent employee, which renders the same job or one similar to the temporary employee.

In determining the length of annual holiday leave, periods of temporary disability and those for maternity leave, maternal risk and sick child care leave it is considered period of activity performed.

In case the temporary incapacity or maternity leave, maternal risk or care of sick leave occurred during the annual holiday leave, this is interrupted, and the employee will perform the remaining holidays leave after the period of temporary disability ceased, maternity, maternal risk or the care of a sick child, and when it is not possible the untaken holidays leave will be rescheduled.

The employee is entitled to an annual holiday leave also when the temporary work incapacity lasts, under the law, during the entire calendar year, the employer being obliged to grant the annual leave during a period of 18 months starting with year following the one in which the employee was on sick leave.

The provisions of the Law enters into force starting 25.01.2015.