The accounting services we offer mean access to professional information of the highest level, efficiency, flexibility, promptness and control.

We offer full services which consist in:

Accounting services are provided within our premises, using own software applications, enabling the clients to access their data base upon request.

By using our ERP, our services ensure security, efficiency, direct access to information for various users, offer flexibility, being able to be customized according to your requests. The software is user-friendly, you are able to access various modules of interest for you, being in a permanent contact with our team.

Some information can be up-load directly into the system (including bank statements, invoices issued using other software and so on). There are also some additional modules that can be integrated into the system taking into account your location, generating optimum results of accounting process and avoiding loss of time.

For clients having their own accounting department we offer the following services:

We are near your team and offer them answers and solutions to any difficulty might occur. We are also available to attend the management meetings, offering technical information, advanced financial analysis, management report, budget and forecast.

Our company offers accounting services by remote, including verification of general ledger, reconciliation of bank statements, supervising the liabilities and receivables, drawing the fiscal statements, financial analysis, elaborating cash-flow, profit and loss account and management reports. In addition, if you think the presence of an expert accountant in your offices might be helpful from time to time, we can direct one member of our team to you, or we can assist in recruiting such a person, offering also support as long as necessary to train the new member of your team.

Being a member of Kreston International network, we are able to offer you a wide range of consultancy services, to support our ambitious clients, both local and international, aiming to build and develop their businesses.

These services include:

Outsourcing the payroll service offers you a direct access to specialized information, allowing you to focus on developing your business. Either if you have a few employees or hundreds of them, you have admittance to a complete package of services, customized and confidential, enabling you to save costs and time. You have the liberty to choose the level of support in payroll process which is the most suitable for you. Rest assured that our team specialized in payroll matters uses the most up-dated software, providing speediness, precision and efficiency.

Our specialists provide you with the following services:

In our environment it is difficult to keep being up-to-date, both locally and worldwide, considering the continuous change of the legal and regulation frame. Being informed on minute sooner is a major advantage of the outsourcing. For clients from middle size category, big companies and individual traders we offer services of drawing and certifying the financial statements, individual or consolidated.

We verify the accounting records to make sure the financial statements will offer a true and faithful image of the accounts, we identify the risks from the accounting, financial, fiscal points of view and offer you solution for prevention or remedy. Those services may be customized according to your reporting necessities.

No matter what are your requests concerning the accounts reporting methods, we have specialized teams, having years of experience in BIG4, being ACCA members, ready to provide you with these services. Thus, if you have a company ranked on Stock Exchange, in need of financial statements drawn according to International Standards of Financial Reporting, or a Small and medium size company reporting only in Romania, we have specialists for financial reporting appropriate for any activity area, experts in preparation of the accounts according to free-practice settling for specific industries, including non-profit organizations.

We provide you with the following services:

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is an aspect of corporate strategy dealing with the buying, selling, dividing, and combining of different entities that can help an enterprise grow, expand market, and/or increase tax benefits. From a legal point of view, a merger is a legal consolidation of two companies into one entity, whereas an acquisition occurs when one company takes over another and completely establishes itself as the new owner.

You also need assistance of experienced tax specialists to help you identify opportunities to reduce taxes and maximize utilization of net operating losses. In addition, effective planning and structuring can help you avoid complicated legal and regulatory issues.

Kreston Romania can assist you in the following areas:

The financial analysis will help assess economic trends, to establish financial policies and business plans for developing long-term business or to invest in sustainable projects.

We provide the following services:

We offer services of extrajudicial accounting expertise for those in need of legal clearing related to specific transaction or in case of doubts on calculation methods for taxes and duties.

If you represent an international company trading on Romanian market, without having a permanent office but having the obligation to report on VAT, we can provide you with services of simplified procedure accounting, according to your needs, to insure that you have fulfilled your VAT reporting obligations.

Our services consist in:

You have only to send documents to us and we assume the responsibility to record them and draw the VAT statement according to Romanian fiscal legislation.

We come to meet our clients’ needs with a batch of services offering custom-made solutions for your business’ needs, mainly those subsequent to provisions of Commercial companies Law, Accounting Law and Fiscal Code.

The services are provided at a flat fee and include:

Specific services in this area:

In case you are interested in setting up a company / subsidiary/representative office / branch / association or foundation in Romania, we can help with the following services: