Rule to modify the Tax Code

Rule to modify the Tax Code

Rule to modify the Tax Code was approved and includes the followings:

  • Turkey is no longer listed as non-cooperating country and implicitly the expenses generated by transactions with Turkey are deductible (starting with January 1, 2021);
  • The turnover generated from the construction activity, relevant to apply the tax incentives for constructors, includes only the revenues from activities performed in Romania;
  • The gross income from independent activities includes the nominal value of any gift vouchers;
  • The calculation base of CAS, CASS and CAM will include the nominal value of the gift vouchers received in circumstances other than the dedicated ones;
  • Taxable persons who’s turnover in the previous year exceeded RON 4,500,000 (including in 2020) are not eligible for the application of the VAT collection system.

The main amendments to the Accounting Law:

  • The financial statements and accounting reports are kept for 10 years;
  • The consolidated annual financial statements are accompanied by the consolidated report of the administrators, the audit report, as well as the consolidated report on payments to governments, in case there is an obligation to prepare it;
  • The annual financial statements, the consolidated annual financial statements, as well as the interim financial statements, are kept for 10 years;
  • Completes the list of deeds that constitute a contravention with non-preparing, non-signing and non-submission in due time to the territorial units of the Ministry of Finance of the report of the administrators (including the consolidated one), the audit report or the report of the audit committee, as well as the report on the payments to the governments, for this being established an amount of fine between RON 300 and RON 4,500 depending on the delay period;
  • Foreign companies that have the place of effective management in Romania should submit balance sheets in Romania as well;
  • Failure to comply with the obligation to audit the interim financial statements may be sanctioned with fines between RON 30,000 and RON 40,000.

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